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Susquehanna BHC                                                                               

Swatara BC

1&2 April 2023

FT Chairman Jim Reilly

FT Secretary A. Kenneth Engle

Open All Age Dogs 7 entries

Judges: John Tirado & Albert K. Engle

       1. Topsfield-Lebrera Pow Wow 

            Sue Frischmann

       2.  CH Soundtrack Superstitious Feeling

              Miriam Tefts

       3.  Soundtrack Baker Street

            Miriam & Michael Tefts

        4.  Spots The Spinner Dog Of Fireside

             Ellen Ripper

   NBQ.  Hilltops Big & Rich Of Cloverhill

              Annette Spalling  & Marci Horgan                                                          


Champion Class (non-regular) 8 entriesu

Judges: John Tirado & Scott Miscevich

       1.  GFC DC Houndarosa Tried And Ahro Milo MHE

            Ben Marley & Samatha Fox

       2.  GFC2 Soundtrack Gotta Have Faith MHE

              Miriam & Michael Tefts 

       3.   FC Vision-Topsfield-Lebrera Some Like It Hot

              Annette Spalling & Nancy Richmond 

       4.   DC Soundtrack Sorcerer’s Apprentice MHE

              Miriam Tefts

   NBQ.  FC Branscombe Applecountry Of Fireside MHH

               Ellen Ripper

Open All Age Bitches 8 entries

Judges: John Tirado & Scott Miscevich

       1.-Soundtrack Topsfield-Lebrera Talking To The Moon,Ben  Marley, Samatha Fox, Claudia Orlandi & Guillermo Gonzales

       2.  Topsfield-Lebrera Funny Money Of Vision

            Claudia Orlandi & Guillermo Gonzales

       3. House Of Hounds Chauncey

             Ian & Catherine Forest

        4  Vision Topsfield Lebrera Pillow Talk

            Nancy Richmond, Claudia Orlandi & Guillermo Gonzales

   NBQ. Soundtrack Burning Torches Of Hope

              Miriam and Michael Tefts



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